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Care fees advice


Care fees advisers are specialist financial advisers that have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to advise in long term care for the elderly. They will help you come to an informed decision on how best to pay for care. They will ask questions about your specific circumstances, the level and quality of care you require, your income and assets, and the cost of your care, so that they can provide you with the advice that best matches your circumstances. They will help you understand the state benefits available to you, including support from your local authority (i.e social services).


Advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA requires that they obtain appropriate qualifications and experience prior to advising on care, to ensure they have the necessary knowledge on the important issues involved.


They usually provide an initial consultation, generally free of charge, where they will establish the help you need, discuss their services with you, and how much it will cost to provide them.




Specialist care fees advisers will charge a fee for their expert advice. It can be charged at an hourly rate, a flat rate or as a percentage of the amount needed to purchase any product or investment being recommended.


They must tell you clearly in writing how they will charge for their services before giving advice. This is an FCA requirement.

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