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If you haven't already done so, request a needs assessment from your local authority. You have a right to a free needs assessment. This allows your local authority to decide what level of support you need and whether they should provide it. You should request this whether or not you think you will be paying for your own care.

Local Authority Funding


Once you have had your needs assessed and you have qualified for local authority support they will provide you with a care and support plan and calculate your personal budget. They have a duty to provide or arrange the services for you that meet your assessed needs. They will conducted a financial assessment to check whether you should contribute towards your personal budget. Individual Local Authorities can set their own rules for charging but they must comply with guidance set out by the government called "fairer charging". The amount you contribute towards your social care must not lower your income below a certain amount. The charge must be reasonable and you should not put you into financial difficulty, it should not take your income below the level of your Pension Guarantee Credit entitlement plus a buffer of 25%. Most local authorities will not help you financially if you have savings above £23,250. Because you are still living at home your property is not taken into account. If you qualify for financial support you will be asked to make a contribution based on the financial assessment. Alternatively you may be offered direct payments, an amount of money they have calculated you need  to enable you to buy the services you require. This gives you the choice of where your care is sourced but more responsibility as you will technically be employing someone. A developement on direct payments is Individual Payments. This brings together the monies that may be available from different government departments, such as direct payments from your local authority and a disabled facitlities grant from the housing department pay for adaptations to your home.


Self Funding


Most local authorities will not help you financially if you have assets (savings and investments) over £23,250, this excludes the home you live in. However they will have provided you with a care and support plan and an independant personal budget. Even though you will be paying the full cost of care yourself you can still ask the local authority to arrange your care and support for you if you want to though you will have to pay the full cost of care until your capital falls below £23,250.



Are you claiming the benefits you are entitled to?


Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independance Payments, Carer's allowance


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