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Specialist Services

The Specialist Services you can link to through this section have paid for the link. This helps fund the website. The aim is to make you aware of their services. They must meet certain criteria to have a link here. The criteria are: 


  • Financial Advisers: that are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to advise in Long Term Care

  • Legal Advisers:  that provide services relevant to the Elderly (e.g. Power of Attorney)

  • Care Providers:  that are regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission)


Other businesses may be considered on an individual basis where we feel they offer specific services that meet your needs.


Links to similar services that have not paid for a link can be found through other websites suggested by Info4Care (e.g. Solla, SFE,


A service promoted through this section is the responsibility of the business that is advertising its services. Such promotion is not a recommendation by Info4Care, we therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such services by any visitor to our site, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.