NHS Funded Nursing Care

NHS Funded Nursing Care


If you are resident in a registered nursing home (a care home with nursing) and are assessed as requiring nursing care, the NHS would pay £183.92 (2020/2021) a week towards the cost of the nursing care.  This benefit is paid direct to the care home and does not form part of your income for tax purposes.


There is a higher rate of £253.02. This is only relevant for those people who were already on the higher rate in 2007 when the single band was introduced


Eligibility for NHS funded nursing care in a care home should not be considered before your eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare has been assessed.


Care Homes (without nursing) do not employ registered nurses, their residents receive nursing and other health related care from community nurses who visit as and when needed. For that reason these homes do not receive a nursing care contribution from the NHS.

*This website currently covers the care system in England. There are differences in how care is delivered and funded in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you reside in either of these countries we would suggest a good starting point would be the Age UK offices for your country.  Please click the link Northern IrelandScotlandWales