Home or Residential Care

If you have contacted social services and asked for their help they should have identified your needs, if you qualify for local authority support your needs should be agreed with you and documented in your care and support plan. If you will be receiving care in your own home you may want your local authority to help you arrange it, or you may prefer to arrange it yourself, with the help of your family or a friend. You will know how much your local authority are going to pay towards your care if you qualify for their financial help.


You may have decide, along with your social worker, family and friends that a move to sheltered housing or housing with care scheme will best meet your needs. Or you may prefer to stay in your own home instead of moving in to residential care. Alternatively it may be deemed best that you move into residential care.


Please note: if you haven't already done so we suggest you contact your local authority before making any decisions about your care.