Social Services - Personal Budget

You have had a needs and possibly a financial assessment, and if eligible, you will now have a legal right to receive a Personal Budget.  It is a statement of the amount of money your local authority have calculated that you will need to meet your eligible social care needs.


If you are eligible and don't want your local authority to arrange your care for you, you can use the personal budget to request a direct payment from your local authority, so that you can arrange your own care. The direct payment will only cover the amount your local authority would pay if they were arranging the care themselves. With regards to the personal budget your local authority must:


  • Clearly tell you how they calculated your personal budget

  • They must take into account the local cost of the services you need when calculating your budget

  • They must make sure it is enough to meet your needs

  • They must provide your budget to you in good time to allow you to start planning ASAP